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​Notice of Registration

The 2022 Global Health and Welfare Forum (GHWF) in Taiwan will be held both in-person and online. You may choose to participate in one of those two ways:

  • In-person: Comply with COVID-19 prevention and control measures as instructed by the organizer. Once the number of participants reaches the seating limit of the conference room, you will be re-assigned to a viewing room on the same floor, where you can watch and interact with the main venue virtually.

  • Online: Online participants have no access to the physical venue. You could access the virtual meeting remotely via mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers.



  1. Due to the limit on the number of in-person participants, we urge you to register early. Make sure that you choose the way of participation as you intend.

  2. The seats in the forum venue will be limited. Only participants with a confirmed registration can enter the venue.

  3. As a gesture for the environment, forum materials will not be available in physical copies. Please download them from the official website in advance and prepare your own water bottle when attending in person.

  4. There will be crowd controls on all speech venues. When the seats are full, you will be re-arranged to a viewing room to watch the live stream of the main venue.

  5. Lunch is only provided to the in-person participants on the day(s) for which they register.

  6. The organizer reserves the right to approve or to refuse any registration at any time.

  7. Consent to being recorded: when you register for, attend, or participate in 2022 Global Health and Welfare Forum in Taiwan, you are seen as agreeing to the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s use and distribution (for now and future) of your image and voice recorded during the Forum. If you have concerns with the above terms, please contact the Secretariat.

Online Registration
Registration is closed.
To register, please contact the Secretariat, Tel: (02)2881-4577
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