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The Introduction of 2022 Global Health and Welfare Forum in Taiwan

The World Health Organization (WHO), as the largest public health organization, has spared no effort in contributing to public hygiene of the world. Although Taiwan has not joined WHO, we still need to do our part to improve global public health. Being ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic for the past two years, the world has been impacted considerably and has seen the need to review its health and medical systems. Taiwan has been able to prevent the epidemic effectively in the early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, and its prevention and control measures have been praised internationally. In addition, we gave the world a helping hand when it needed the most by donating medical supplies, providing assistance and striving for anti-epidemic cooperation. The medical supplies and systems in Taiwan are among the top in the world. In order to improve human health and well-being, we will continue to refer to the trends and development of the WHO when formulating Taiwan’s public health policies. Furthermore, as a part of the earth, we also need to work together for the sustainable development of the world. Judging from the 17 sustainable development goals issued by the United Nations, the world should work in collaboration so as to take care of human health more comprehensively and to protect the earth and natural resources. Taiwan is also willing to team up with other countries in the world to contribute to sustainability.

To make Taiwan’s health and welfare policies go hand in hand with the global community, the “2022 Global Health and Welfare Forum in Taiwan”, which is convened by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health and Welfare and Health Promotion Administration of Taiwan, will be held on October 30 and 31. The forum has been established for 18 years, during which we invite experts and scholars from all over the world to deliver speeches, discuss topics, and learn from experiences of other countries; we also took this opportunity to share our achievements and exchange on international health policies.

The topic of World Health Day (April 7) in 2022 is “One Health”, which emphasizes that it is never just about human health but coexistence and co-prosperity with our planet. We should pay equal attention to the health of the entire environment. If arbitrary development leads to environmental pollution, it may destroy clean natural resources or cause climate change and other health threats. In the period of COVID-19 pandemic, apart from focusing on the result of our epidemic prevention measures, we have established a coping mechanism of global infectious diseases and developed international partners to face the potential crises in the future.
“One Health—Advancing Health and Well-being for All”, the theme of 2022 Global Health and Welfare Forum in Taiwan, corresponds to the topic of “One Health”; it is an extension of the forum’s central goal of promoting people’s health and welfare. The forum includes diverse topics, such as symbiosis of human and ecological environment, the relation between non-communicable diseases and human health and well-being, the impact of different pension system, the role of traditional medicine during the global epidemic, the establishment of dementia-friendly society, the modified models for the challenges of super-aged society, and the collaboration in health and well-being crises. We look forward to the participation of experts in various fields from around the world to bring us invaluable experiences!


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