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The “Global Health and Welfare Forum in Taiwan” is an annual event, organized jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health and Welfare and Health Promotion Administration of Taiwan, which convenes leaders from the worlds of research, policy, and practice to share ideas and experiences that address the greatest health and welfare challenges that beset our world.

As many countries are learning to live with COVID-19, it’s time for us to gradually resume our normal lives. Climate change, Covid-19, and the war in Ukraine have taught us “the power in unity”. A better cooperation can achieve sustainable recovery; therefore, the Forum in 2022 will feature the discussion of “one health”, along with how human can thrive with ecosystems, followed by insight into the greatest threat to human and well-being- NCDs, and safeguarding human health and well-being through global unity. The forum will also discuss and expand on peripheral topics, such as engage the public for health and well-being, invest in infrastructure and technology for health and well-being, and collaboration in health and well-being crises.

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